Walk Thru Walls is an independent game studio based in beautiful, sunny Brisbane, Australia. Our goal is to make fun games that make people laugh (or at the very least, chortle) and scratch that nostalgic itch left by quality adventure games of the crusty, ancient past.

Our company was founded in 2010 by writer/designer, Liam O'Sullivan and designer/coder/artist/ex-Kroman, Robert Wriedt. After a wave of inspiration, we began work on our first title, "Metal Dead" - a point and click game featuring all manner of shambling undead folks and a couple of hapless, metal-loving adventurers trapped in the middle of the zombie apocalypse.

With the support of friends and the invaluable musical contributions of Josh Birch, "Metal Dead" was released in late 2011 to positive reviews.

Soon after, we began work on a sequel titled "Metal Dead: Encore", which sees the return of Malcolm and Ronnie in an all new zombie-packed adventure. To make the new game a reality, we've enlisted the incredible talents of background artist Kai Hulme, and Argentinian musical genius Alejandro Tiscornia.

We hope to continue expanding our tiny operation and keep making games that we as gamers would like to play ourselves.

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